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Top 5 Restaurants to Visit in San Diego

Many people visit historic San Diego for the exceptionally fine weather, particularly in the summer time where the romantic marine layer fogs clear into gentle days with little rainfall. But San Diego, like many cities experiencing a cultural Renaissance, is now the home of many highly rated restaurants, bistros and diners. Here is a list of 5 that you should try on your next trip to the West Coast.

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  • Ironside Fish and Oyster: When you think of coastal cities, your thoughts go quickly to seafood, and the Ironside delivers and then some. Located in the colorful Little Italy section of the city, this Michelin rated eatery is located in the immaculately renovated circa 1920’s Ironside Metal Supply building. The restaurant features a full service oyster bar and, for many, the best lobster rolls West of the Rockies. The decor, ambiance and cuisine are all spot on and part of the reason that San Diego’s Little Italy is fast becoming a destination for visiting foodies natives looking for a good meal and a good time.


  • Truluk’s: Continuing in the seafood venue is Truluk’s located in the University City section of the town. Truluk’s is especially known for their uber fresh crab, which is delivered daily from the more than a dozen commercial crab boats they own and operate off the Gulf coast of Florida. Any diners looking for more inland fare can enjoy their choice of more than half a dozen perfectly cut and prepared steaks and chops, cooked to order. A perfect place to visit if your party is divided on the question of surf and turf.
  • City Tacos: For those with a hankering for tacos created closer to their Mexicali roots, City Tacos brings a classy turn to this regional street food. Located in the North Park section, City Tacos Taqueria focuses on fresh made and locally sourced ingredients. Their signature tacos include, in addition to the meat filling, golden raisins, arugula and toasted almonds. A veggie version is available which features black beans and portobello mushrooms. All served in a casual and lighthearted venue which includes street side tables.
  • Sushi Ota: Anyone whose penchant for seafood focuses on the far side of the Pacific knows that California is the place for anything Sushi. Sushi Ota, located in Pacific Beach, may make you wait a bit for a table in their simple but boisterous dining room, but the sushi, sashimi and specialty dishes are considered by the regulars well worth the wait. For those in your party who are not ready for the exotic experience that is sushi, a variety of seafood dishes deemed more conventional to the traditional US palette are available and exquisitely prepared.


  • Bertrand at Mr. A’s: This Restaurant in the Sky is a well-known culinary landmark found at the top of a building just as you enter the downtown San Diego area. Bertrand at Mr. A’s offers American cuisine with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Formal dining is available in the main dining room, but for more casual guests, food is also available in the patio and the bar. The wine list for Bertrand at Mr. A’s is considered one of the best in San Diego. 

So whatever your dining pleasure, this city by the sea can deliver the goods.